The Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) was established in accordance with the Decision No.01/2009/QĐ-TTg by Prime Minister on the basis of transforming and restructuring Hanoi Securities Trading Center which was established upon Decision No. 127/1998/QĐ-TTg and came into operation on 08/03/2005. On 24/06/2009, the HNX was inaugurated as a State-owned single-member limited liability company owned by the Ministry of Finance as the representative.

As an organizer and regulator of the securities market, the HNX has made considerable contribution to the development of securities market as a whole, supporting the aim of the country’s economic growth. The HNX has organized share auction, Government Bond bidding positively and efficiently, and has operated markets including Listed stock market, Government Bond market, Unlisted Public Company market (UPCoM) and Derivatives market.  

08/03/2005: Official inauguration of the Hanoi Securities Trading Center (precursor of the Hanoi Stock Exchange), organizing share auction for equitization of State owned enterprises, starting the program of equitization of State owned enterprises through Stock Exchanges.
14/07/2005: Secondary trading system went live with 6 initial listed companies. The initial trading method was negotiation.
02/11/2005: Continuous order matching method was applied in parallel with the negotiation method.
20/06/2006: The Ministry of Finance issued Decision No.2276/QĐ-BTC on gathering all Government bond biddings at HASTC, and HASTC has become an exclusive agency to organize government bond bidding. The Decision has created the foundation for the establishment and development of Government Bond Market at the Hanoi Stock Exchange.
13/02/2007: One-tier auction model was replaced by two-tier model. Accordingly, the HASTC organized share auction and accounted for inputting orders at the auction floor, defining auction result; auction agents (securities companies) accounted for directly receiving registration, deposit, payment of investors to buy winning shares and reporting to HASTC.
19/11/2007: Trading hour was extended from 8.30 am to 11am (instead of from 9am to 11 am).
19/03/2008: HASTC was awarded the third-rank Labor Medal by the President in accordance with Decision No.1455/2007/QĐ-CTN for outstanding achievements in the development of the securities market, making considerable contributions to the Socialism construction and national defense.
30/10/2008: Remote trading system was officially launched, which allowed direct connections of securities companies to HASTC's server for investors’ order entry.
02/01/2009: Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung issued Decision No. 01/2009/QĐ-Ttg on the establishment of Hanoi Stock Exchange on the basis of transforming Hanoi Securities Trading Center as an income-generated State agency into a State-owned single-member limited liability company.
24/06/2009: The inauguration of Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and the launch of market for unlisted public companies (UPCoM).
24/09/2009: The specialized Government bond trading system was officially launched. All issued Government bonds were traded on secondary market in one system. This has created the basis for the development of Government Bond market according to international standard.
18/11/2009: The 1000th trading session was organized at HNX. After more than 04 years of operation, with 1000 safe and effective trading sessions conducted; over 250 listed companies, companies registered for trading on the whole country; 98 securities companies with nearly 70,000 transaction accounts of investors, the total market capitalization reached VND 135,000 billion, accounting for 10% of GDP, nearly 70 times of the capitalization value compared to that at the launching time.
08/02/2010: Online trading was implemented on the listed stock market, allowing investors to entry orders directly to HNX system, shortening transaction time, improving the capacity of order matching of the system.
15/04/2010: HNX officially became the 19th member of Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation (AOSEF).
18/07/2010: HNX was honorably awarded the Second-Rank Labor Medal upon Decision No.995/QĐ-CTN dated 12/07/2010 by the President for its excellent business achievements from 2005-2009, contributing to the Socialism construction and national defense.
19/07/2010: The continuous order matching method was applied on UPCoM, besides negotiation method.
11/05/2011: Approved by the Ministry of Finance officially to participate in "Bond market Asean+3Forum" (ABMF) as the national official member.
30/5/2011: Approved by Ministry of Finance to participate in the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) and officially became "information member" in June, 2011.
2/12/2011: Successfully held the 15th Conference of CEO of ASEAN Stock Exchanges in Hanoi. The Conference announced ASEAN Linkage in June 2012.
15/1/2012: The opening ceremony of the new headquarters of Hanoi Stock Exchange. This has been the key construction work of finance industry, being invested as a modern and integrated building, which has shown the interest and support of State Agencies in the efficient investment in infrastructure for the development of capital market and securities market of Vietnam.
05/03/2012: Stock trading hours newly applied: from 9:00am to 2:15pm (break time from 11:30am-1:00pm).
09/07/2012: Introduction of the HNX 30 Index, the price index of the 30 most liquid stocks on the listed stock market.
06/08/2012: Inauguration of the electronic bidding system, allowing bidding members to enter remote bid, correct/cancel the bid according to market situation, immediately receive bidding result, shortening time for bidding consideration, bidding result definition and connecting regulators, issuers, operators to all Government Bond bidding members.
24/08/2012: Inauguration of the T-Bill trading system, contributing to create better liquidity and promote the linkages between long-term and short-term instruments for G-bond market.
1/10/2012: Official application of the HaSIC (Hanoi Stock Exchange Standard Industrial Classification) for HNX listed companies.
18/03/2013: Official launch of 2nd version G-bond trading system, allowing mutil-market and multi-currency based trading and to integrate bidding, T-Bill and bond trading, and information disclosure, which has created the connection between the primary and secondary markets.
18/03/2013: Launch of Y-curve system as an important indicator for regulators, issuers and investors to consider the market trend and evaluate the bonds.
29/07/2013: Official launch of 5th version Stock trading system (core i5) with the capacity 20-30 times higher, facilitating many trading add-ons.
29/07/2013: Stock trading hour was extended to 3pm. Session structure of a trading day was changed and new orders (ATC, MO) were added.
2/12/2013: Official launch of new indices including HNX FF index, size-based indices (HNX Large Cap Index and HNX Mid/Small Cap Index), and Sector Indices (HNX Manufacturing Index, HNX Construction Index, HNX Financials Index).
24/6/2014: Ceremony to receive the Government's Emulation Flag, Merit of the People's Committee of Hanoi; and launch of the Investors Corner at HNX.
23/9/2014: HNX and Bloomberg signed a memorandum of understanding, opening 3rd version Government Bonds trading system – a module connected to international information systems of Bloomberg, allowing to automatically transfer, entry of orders from Bloomberg system to G-bond trading system at HNX.
13/11/2014: HNX and Vietnam National Shipping Lines (VINALINES) signed a memorandum of cooperation, addressing the determination to implement Decision 51/2014/QD-TTg of the Prime /> 29/12/2014: The first ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) was officially listed at HNX. This is fund certificate, E1SSHN30, of Fund Management SSIAM Co., Ltd to track on the HNX 30 index on HNX. The implementation of fund certificate trading has contributed to diversify products and increase liquidity in the securities market.
24/2/2015: Member of the Political Bureau, the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung rang the bell for first trading session on Lunar new year at HNX. According to the Prime Minister, the securities market has virtually become a significant channel of capital mobilization for the national budget and enterprises, providing additional and effective support for bank credit channel, and together with bank credit channel forming an effective monetary and financial market, supporting to centralize financial resources for development
8/3/2015: On the occasion of 10 years’ operation celebration, HNX was awarded the first-rank Labor Medal by the President for outstanding achievements from 2010 to 2014, making considerable contributions to the Socialism construction and national defense.
18/5/2015: HNX became partner of Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative (SSE Initiative) of the United Nations. As a partner, HNX has had the opportunity to participate in activities of experience sharing in order to promote long-term sustainable investment and improve information transparency about environment, society and corporate governance as well as improve the performance of listed companies.
26/6/2015: HNX officially operated Online Government bond trading system on Internet base (E-BTS). E-BTS is a new technology breakthrough developed on Internet base in order to increase the maximum utilities for members, investors on the market, providing information transparency, increasing the attractiveness and improving the liquidity of the bond market.
21/7/2015: The Ministry of Finance announced the Document No. 448/TB-BTC, assigning HNX and VSD to organize the trading and payment activities for derivatives market. This has created the basis for HNX and relevant authorities to implement the preparatory work for technology infrastructure, make regulations, procedures, train staff in preparation for the launch of the market, expected in early />
9/5/2016: HNX issued the principles of UPCoM Premium classification and alert classification for investors in order to increase the transparency of the UPCoM market through the separating group of companies with good financial condition, compliance with information disclosure regulations in the securities market as well as providing a list of alerts for companies under trading restrictions.
30/6/2016: HNX launched electronic bond bidding sub-system on the Internet base (E.ABS). E.ABS has allowed investors who are not bidding members to directly enter bid on system, supporting for active participation of investors, helping bidding members to minimize cost of human resource in conducting brokerage, cost of document withdrawal, and shortening the time of bidding participation for both investors and members.
30/9/2016: HNX, HOSE and VSD signed the memorandum of understanding in preparation for the launch of VNX ALLSHARE index, contributing to improve the construction and operation of the securities market regarding service quality, investment environment.
7-8/10/2016: HNX hosted the 25th Asean exchanges CEOs meeting, the 3rd Asean Broker Networking. The success of these events has contributed to expand connection and extensive integration, create business opportunities and experience sharing among regional securities markets.
04/08/2017: IB Securities Joint Stock Company (IBSC) was approved to be market maker by HNX. This is the first company which was approved to be market maker for listed stock market and trading registration market (UPCoM) at HNX.
10/08/2017: Launch of Derivatives market which has made effects on underlying market, improving the liquidity, market size, supporting it to develop sustainably and becoming a long-term, secure capital mobilization channel for economic growth.
29/12/2017: HNX signed the Decision on the trading registration of 700th company on UPCoM. After 8 years of operation, market capitalization of UPCoM tripled compared to that of listed stock market of HNX.