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Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) was born in accordance with Decision No.01/2009/QĐ-TTg by Prime Ministeron the basis of transforming and restructuring Hanoi Securities Trading Center which was established upon Decision No. 127/1998/QĐ-TTgand launched on 08/03/2005. On 24/06/2009, the HNX was inaugurated as a State-owned single - member limited liability company with the Ministry of Finance as a representative.


Being an organizer and regulator of the securities market, the HNX has organized share auctions, Government Bond biddings to mobilize capital for the State budget. In parallel, the HNX has operated three secondary trading markets on a modern technological structure, including listed stock market, Government Bond market, and UPCoM (Unlisted Public Company Market).


The optimal goal of the HNX is to operate an transparent, equitable and efficient market, develop new products, attract domestic and foreign investments, and prove itself as an important capital mobilizing channel of the economy, ensuring the interest of investors and market participants.



08/03/2005:          Official inauguration of the Hanoi Securities Trading Center with the share auction of Postef.

14/07/2005: Secondary trading system goes live with 6 initial listed companies. The only trading method is negotiation. 

02/11/2005:          Continuous order matching method is applied in parallel with the negotiation method.

20/06/2006: The Ministry of Finance issues Decision No.2276/QĐ-BTC on gathering all Government bond biddings at HASTC, and HASTC has become an exclusive agency organizing biddings for government bonds.

01/01/2007: Law on Securities takes effect, which provides a comprehensive legal basis for market supervision.

13/02/2007:          One-tier auction model is converted into a two-tier model.

19/11/2007:          Trading hours are extended from 8.30 am to 11am (instead of from 9am to 11 am).

19/03/2008:          HASTC celebrates the 3rd anniversary and is awarded Third-Rank Labor Medal by the State in accordance with Decision No.1455/2007/QĐ-CTN for outstanding achievements in the development of the stock market, making considerable contributions to the Socialism construction and national defense.

02/06/2008:          First trading day of all Government bonds transferred from HOSE to HASTC.

30/10/2008:          Remote trading system is officially launched, which allows direct connections of securities companies to HASTC's server, providing remoter order entry.

02/01/2009: Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung issues Decision No. 01/2009/QĐ-Ttg on the establishment of Hanoi Stock Exchange on the basis of transforming Hanoi Securities Trading Center as an income-generated State agency into a State-owned, single-member limited liability company.

24/06/2009:          The inauguration of Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and the launch of market for stocks of unlisted public companies (UPCoM)

24/09/2009:          The specialized Government bond trading system is officially launched. 

08/02/2010:          Online trading is implemented on the listed stock market, allowing investors to place orders directly with HNX system, which shortens transaction time, erases the bottleneck in orders at securities companies, increases the market liquidity and marks a breakthrough in technology for securities trading.

15/04/2010: HNX officially becomes the 19th member of AOSEF. 

18/07/2010:          HNX is honorably awarded a Second-Rank Labor Medal upon Decision No.995/QĐ-CTN dated 12/07/2010 by the President for its excellent business achievements from 2005-2009, contributing to the Socialism construction and national defense.

19/07/2010:          The continuous order matching method is applied on UPCoM and some UPCoM regulations are revised.

11/05/2011: The Ministry of Finance officially approved that HNX participated in "Bond market Asean+3(ABMF) Forum" as the national official member.

30/05/2011: The Ministry of Finance approved HNX participating in the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) and officially become "information member" in June, 2011.

02/12/2011: The 15th Conference of CEO of ASEAN Stock Exchanges was successfully organized in Hanoi. The Conference announced ASEAN Linkage in June 2012.

15/1/2012: The opening ceremony of the new headquarters of Hanoi Stock Exchange.

05/03/2012: Implementation of new stock trading hours: from 9:00am to 2:15pm (break from 11:30am-1:00pm).

09/07/2012: Introduction of the HNX 30 Index, the price index of the 30 most liquid stocks on the listed market.

06/08/2012: Inauguration of the electronic bidding system, connecting regulators, issuers, operators and G-bond bidding members.

24/08/2012: Inauguration of the T-Bill trading system, helping to create better liquidity and exemplifies linkages between long and short-term instruments for G-bond market.

1/10/2012: Official application of the HaSIC (Hanoi Stock Exchange Standard Industrial Classification) for HNX listed/registered companies.

18/03/2013: Official operation of bond trading system version 2, allowing mutil-market and multi-currency based trading. The system integrates biddings, T-Bill and bond trading, and information disclosure, which creates the connection between the primary and secondary markets.

18/03/2013: Launch of Y-curve system, an important indicator for regulators, issuers and investors to track the market trend and evaluate the bonds.

29/07/2013: Official launch of Stock trading system version 5 (core i5) with the capacity 20-30 times higher, faciliating many trading add-ons.

29/07/2013: Stock trading hours are extended to 3pm. Session structure of a trading day is changed and new orders (ATC, MO) are added.

2/12/2013: Official launch of new indices including HNX FF index, size-based indices (HNX Large Cap Index and HNX Mid/Small Cap Index), and Sector Indices (HNX Manufacturing Index, HNX Construction Index, HNX Financials Index).